‘Fortunately, the proceeds went to a good cause’: Golf world reacts to Tiger Woods Putter’s ‘ridiculous’ revelation

Tiger Woods has always been a fan favorite. The golfer made tons of records on the course and won millions of hearts. And because of his extreme fandom, people are willing to do anything to get as close to the player as possible. And not just Woods, but his golf equipment is also in high demand. A recent revelation about Tiger Woods’ bat left all of his fans in shock after they found out how much it was being auctioned for.

Tiger Woods bat sells for a huge price


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When it comes to Woods fans, everything the golfer touches becomes gold for them. And something similar happened when Woods’s old bat was being auctioned and the winning bid left everyone stunned. A tweet from the PGA Tour showcased the recently auctioned historic Scotty Cameron” used and signed by Tiger Woods, sold to the highest bidder $328,577.

Fans react to Woods’s winning bat offer

Fans were shaken for a moment after seeing how much the bat was selling for.

Also, some of them expected the amount to go to a good cause. It was probably because Woods is very fond of charity and social causes, and such a large amount could help a lot of people.

But on the other hand, many fans also found “ridiculous” for someone to pay such a large amount of money for a bat.

The tweet asked fans how much they would pay for the bat if they had the chance to have it. And the answers were fun to another level. Some said it was being sold at a lower price than they expected.

While others said they wouldn’t pay a single penny for it!


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Others even suggested avoiding selling the piece and instead putting it in a museum.


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Tiger Woods fans are crazy about the golfer and would love to keep memories. And maybe buying their used golf equipment can be a way for them to feel close to the golfer. Well, fans are eager to find out where the money that came from the auction actually went. Being part of several welfare organizations and having his own TGR Foundation, putting the money to good use shouldn’t be a problem for Woods.

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