Eli Manning goes undercover, tries to audition as a walk-on at Penn State

Penn State Football held its biannual walk-on test ahead of the 2022 season. Participants were greeted with a famous face… sort of.

Eli Manning participated in tryouts as part of his ESPN segment, “Eli’s Places”. To really sell the part, Manning sported a prosthetic nose, as well as lots of makeup, in hopes of camouflaging himself as he tried to make the team.

Nittany Lions coach James Franklin was in Manning’s sketch. Offensive analyst Danny O’Brien was not, however.

And while Manning kicked the ball into his receivers over and over, O’Brien was in love.

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“We need to hire this Chad Powers kid,” said a coach at Penn State.

Here is a clip from the segment:

Manning (or rather Powers) put pedestrian numbers on the 40-yard dash. But when he got to shooting practice, he showed that golden arm.

Manning’s showing in the pocket was exactly what you’d expect from a two-time Super Bowl champion.

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However, this did not shock everyone who took part in the tests. And when Franklin called Manning to the front of the camp to reveal his true identity, those who scored that iconic Manning jaw were quick to let her feelings be known.

He didn’t just get the chance to throw the ball one more time. But the 41-year-old also revealed that the Nittany Lions were also offering a scholarship to punter Barney Amour. Amour was chased in celebration by his teammates as soon as the news broke.

All in all, this made a happy day in Happy Valley for Manning.

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