‘Beyond Meat’ exec arrested for allegedly biting ‘meat’ from man’s nose

Washington County Prison

The chief operating officer of the company behind the vegan alternative Beyond Meat was arrested Saturday in Fayetteville, Arkansas, after allegedly biting “meat” out of another man’s nose after a college football game.

Douglas Ramsey was arrested after police said he punched the back window of another man’s car, hit him and then bit “meat” on the tip of his nose.

KNWA reported that the incident began when a man driving a Subaru hit the tire of Ramsey’s vehicle in the University of Arkansas campus garage – after the Razorbacks defeated the state of Missouri.

The fight has reportedly become anything but vegan, the report states:

The Subaru owner then allegedly came out and claimed that Ramsey “pulled him close and started punching his body”. According to [police report]Ramsey also “bited the owner’s nose, tearing the flesh at the tip of the nose.”

The victim and witness reported hearing Ramsey “threaten to kill” the owner of the Subaru. The occupants of both vehicles got out and helped separate the parts.

Records from the Washington County Jail, where Ramsey was held after his arrest, show he was arrested at 11:14 pm Saturday. He left the next day.

Ramsey was detained on a number of charges, including terrorist threat and assault. He has trial dates set for October 19 and 20.

Unrelated to Ramsey’s arrest on Saturday night, Beyond Meat suffered its worst trading day on Monday since going public in 2019.

Beyond Meat’s stock price peaked at $234.90 a share in July of that year. On Monday, the company’s stock was trading at $17.06 at close. Barron’s reported that the company was ravaged by inflation.

The company manufactures imitation beef, chicken sausage and other plant-based products. The company has so far declined to comment on Ramsey’s alleged behavior.

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