NBA 2K23 Player Reveals Rare $250,000 Daily Reward

One NBA 2K player got lucky with an incredibly valuable NBA 2K23 daily round reward that other users believe is incredibly rare.

2K Games and developer Visual Concepts introduced daily rounds to the NBA 2K franchise several years ago.

Essentially, logging in and spinning the wheel gives you prizes that range from free virtual currency (VC) to skill boosts and various cosmetic items. It has become an integral part of the MyCareer experience for many.

To find the prize wheel, high-end hardware players will want to check out the Promenade area of ​​the Silver Deck on the GOAT Boat. On current-gen consoles, steering wheel location depends on City Affiliation – similar to NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K23 Player Gets Lucky With Rare Daily Spin Reward

Reddit user Sensitive_Pepper_614 recently surprised fans on the NBA 2K subreddit by sharing a screenshot of an incredibly rare daily spin prize.

The prize in question rewarded the NBA 2K23 user with an incredible 250,000 VC. Others were quick to note the rarity of such valuable gains, with user thayungsavage saying he’s only encountered a 250k VC bounty once in the last four or five years of play.

Of course, some Redditors couldn’t pass up the opportunity to joke about how little VC will help the player in the long run.

“Nice. Now you can go from 86 3pt to 87,038 3pt rating,” joked SenseiDaDom in the Reddit thread. BerriBerrinson scoffed in a similar way telling Sensitive_Pepper_614 the following: “Congratulations, you now have enough VC to upgrade an attribute to 2! ”

Still, 250,000 VC from a daily spin is a lot of money in the game, especially when you consider the low VC payouts for completing quests and tasks.

NBA 2K23 is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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