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When the NBA and the Players Association engage in collective bargaining, there is usually some stress involved. With a mutual desist date of December 15 looming, negotiations began on some topics that both sides brought up. However, these negotiations appear not to be so tense.

This likely has something to do with the fact that the NBA and NBPA have been in constant contact for more than two years navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Amendments were made to the ACB that both sides had to agree on, so there is already some positive momentum built up that they are looking to build on.

Many topics of discussion are on the agenda as the sides will discuss things about money with an expected influx of a new TV deal and salary cap increase. Another topic that will be discussed is improving the relationship between players and fans.

There have been some nasty incidents among players and fans in recent years. No one will ever forget Malice at the Palace between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers. Although nothing has reached that level since there have been some unflattering exchanges.

LATEST NEWS FROM THE NBA: Player Safety Updates and Fan Conduct

The harassment of fans in Utah is something that has been reported several times. Trae Young was spat at by a fan at Madison Square Garden in a game against the New York Knicks. LeBron James had a fan removed from their court seats at a game. Julius Randle has had a very public back and forth with fans this season.

This is something NBPA Executive Director Tamika Tremaglio would like to see less of, and it’s hard to argue with that. The fans and players are the lifeblood of the game and ensuring they live in harmony is important. Shams Charania of The Athletic shared the update.

“Tremaglio added that she and Silver will soon release a joint statement emphasizing civility among players, fans, the league, the players’ union and everyone around them.

Under Tremaglio, the NBPA has a strong desire to share a deeper, more holistic view of its players with the world – “(our players are) incredible men who are incredibly generous, they are entrepreneurs, who have families, who struggle with the balance between professional and personal life. just like everyone else.”

LATEST NEWS FROM THE NBA: Player Safety Updates and Fan Conduct

While it’s hard for some people to rationalize because of how much money players make, at the end of the day, Tremaglio is right. These human beings have some of the same problems that the average person has. While having the amount of money makes some of these issues easier to deal with, they face some of the same obstacles.

Being away from family for long periods of time during the season can’t be easy for anyone. Long nights and lots of travel will eventually wear you out, no matter how good the conditions on charter flights are.

LATEST NEWS FROM THE NBA: Player Safety Updates and Fan Conduct

The age of social media has given fans access to athletes that many never thought possible, which also opens the door to some negative interactions. Making this as positive as possible and putting people on the same level is what Tremaglio and the NBPA are all about during these CBA negotiations.

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