League to abolish single rule for the NBA Draft

NBA Rumors: The NBA is about to allow high school students to return to the NBA Draft.

There was a time when high school students became almost a staple for every NBA Draft. And indeed, some of the best players from the late 1990s to early 2000s declared for the NBA Draft right out of high school. Some that come to mind are Kobe Bryant, Amar’e Stoudemire, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady, and Dwight Howard.

However, during the 2005 collective bargaining agreement between the players and owners, high school students were no longer considered eligible for the NBA Draft. Instead, players eligible for the NBA Draft had to be removed from high school for one year.

The NBA Is Ready to Change a Rule in the NBA Draft

And that rule has been in effect for 17 years. However, that could soon change. According to a recent report, the NBA should allow players to drop out of high school and declare for the NBA Draft once again.

If it does indeed happen, it will likely go into effect during the 2024 NBA Draft. This would greatly change the dynamics of the NBA Draft and make the pool even wider for teams.

But that won’t just have an impact on the NBA. It will also make waves at the university level. On the one hand, while it could make the NBA Draft much harder to navigate, it could make the college product better.

On the one hand, you would have players enrolling in college because they want to – not because they are forced to. Of course, you would still have some players who choose to go the single path through college. But you’ll also have more players who are more likely to commit to more than a year of college.

And that would be huge for college basketball.

One of the biggest gripes with recent college product is that players are constantly moving in and out of lineups, especially for the larger brand colleges. When you get used to a player, especially those who are highly praised, they leave for the NBA.

Again, this will likely happen in some cases, but to a much lesser degree. Or at least you would.

Either way, it looks like a big change is coming to the NBA Draft. And that could happen very soon.

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