Arizona Football Beats UC Davis 1-0

Arizona Soccer played the University of California Davis on Sunday at 1pm. The team managed a 1-0 victory in the Arizona Heat. The possession went back and forth, but the goal was beautiful – what a great way to end the week.

Arizona goalkeeper Hope Hisey was in her A game this weekend with three excellent saves against UC Davis. The game started with Nyota Katembo throwing a cross into the area, unfortunately going out of bounds. The team kept pushing but wasn’t having any chance of success.

In the 14th minute, forward Sami Baytosh hit a tackle with the goalkeeper, taking her to the ground. The goalkeeper looked injured, which led to a yellow card for Baytosh. Due to the extreme heat, players were offered a water break in the 24th minute. Many substitutions were made, allowing new legs to enter the game. It brought a new level of intensity.

The team switched fields several times over time, trying to make space. Megan Chef had a shot from outside the area in the 29th minute, but it went wide. Arizona’s defense remained strong, allowing the team to keep the ball in the third offense.


In a breakout, Angela Baron sent a ball in the air to Baytosh, who fought a defender by kicking the ball into the air. Baytosh fell to the ground, but as she fell she kicked the ball again with her right foot, scoring a goal in the top right corner. Baytosh and the team celebrated the goal in the 37th minute.

At half the score was 1-0 Wildcats. The second half resulted in no goals scored, so the game ended with Arizona winning 1–0 against UC Davis.

Angela Baron arrived late to Tucson this season because she was selected as a center back for Columbia at the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

“The style of play isn’t that different from when I played with Columbia, which helped me a lot to fit into this team,” Baron said after the game.

She matched the energy of the team and seemed to be at home with her new teammates.

“Angela Baron is clean on the ball and reads the game very well, continues to grow and adjust to the way we play in defence,” said Moros. team will continue to compete in preparation for Pac-12.”

The next game will be against Utah on Friday, September 23 at 6pm.

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