Will there be an NCAA Footballl 23?

Now that we know that College Football is making its way back into the gaming world, fans are looking forward to a potential NCCA Football 23.

Here’s everything we know so far about NCAA Football 23 and the future of this legendary college football game franchise.

Will there be an NCAA Football 23?

This is where things get a little confusing, as technically there won’t be NCAA Football 23, despite the news that the franchise is returning.

This is because, as far as we know so far, EA has not yet struck a deal with the NCAA to reuse their branding on the games, and that deal may not happen at all.

However, there could be an EA Sports College Football 23, but only if they choose to change the naming conventions of the past.

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EXAMPLE: A few schools were part of Madden 22’s Face of the Franchise

For decades, sports games have named games after the coming year and not the year they actually release, possibly because most regular seasons don’t end until the following year.

MLB The Show is the prime example of a series that doesn’t use out of year numbering, but this could be because the beginning and end of a particular season all happen in the same year and the title itself much earlier in the year.

As of now, EA has yet to break through that naming style, so even a game released in 2023 would likely be called EA Sports College Football 24.

When is EA Sports College Football coming out?

We’ve gotten very little confirmation from EA Sports themselves, other than acknowledging that this is indeed a game series they’re reviving.

Most of the details about the game came in through Extra Points’ Matt Brown, as he has made pending requests for details on communications between EA and NCAA schools.

In early 2021, Brown broke the news that EA’s target release date according to their contract was July 2023.

More than a year later, he racked up additional records, including a letter stating that “game development is in full swing and the target of launch remains summer 2023.”

At the moment, EA appears to be communicating with schools to get details on audience chants, band songs, cheers and other means for the game presentation at each stadium.

While things could always change in the coming year, EA now appears to be on track to release EA Sports College Football 24 in July 2023.

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