What is the Kyle Busch Rule?

Whenever a stricter entry rule goes into effect, only one name comes to mind. That is, Kyle Busch. Over the years, this man has built an infamous reputation competing in races other than just the Cup Series. The man who competed in the Truck and Xfinity Series races, along with the Cup Series, not only competed, but also beamed.

Kyle Busch Rule of Buschwhacker is the system where a Cup Series driver participates in Xfinity Series or the Truck Series. This is the term used to denote a driver who competes in both the highest and lowest levels in a single season. Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch are the two notable Buschwhackers.


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Are the Cup Series drivers still eligible?

The Kyle Busch rule is still in effect as the drivers compete in both lower tier and higher tier races. However, that is not as rampant as before. Please also note that the drivers with only five or more full Cup Series racing experiences are allowed to participate in multi-series races.

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After a series of restrictions, the number has gradually decreased. The most recent restrictions were in 2017 and 2019 when two sets of restrictions were imposed on Cup Series drivers to prevent them from competing in the lower tier despite being part of the top.

Number of allowed races in different levels

In addition to participating in the Cup Series, drivers can still participate in Xfinity and Truck Series. However, the number is as small as five Xfinity Series races and five Truck Series races. The drivers must also have three or more full season experience.

In 2017, the Cup Series drivers were allowed to run up to ten Xfinity Series races and seven Truck Series races. That diminished prior to the 2018 season, when the drivers were allowed to participate in seven Xfinity Series races and five Truck Series races.


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Is the Xfinity car slower than cup cars?

The Cup Series, the highest level of NASCAR, has the top feature against Xfinity. The best of the best is saved for the Cup Series as the cars are faster than Xfinity because they have stronger engines.


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Cup Series cars pump a speed of about 200 miles per hour compared to the 180 miles of Xfinity Series cars. In addition, the Xfinity Series cars have a shorter wheelbase than those of the Cup Series and are lighter in weight.

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