LA Lakers’ desire to land Kyrie Irving is greater than the player’s intentions to attract the Purple and Gold

Kyrie Irving and the LA Lakers have been linked since the Brooklyn Nets refused to offer the player an extended extension. Several NBA rumors previously suggested that Irving was eager to join the 17-time NBA champion.

However, the latest reports from Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of Bally Sports indicate that the Lakers’ desire to get him is greater than his desire to play for them.

“Kyrie Irving becoming a Laker is still ‘a Lakers desire more than an Irving desire right now,’ I’m told,” he wrote. Robinson via Twitter.

The Lakers are the only team that has expressed interest in the Kyrie Irving takeover. The Nets All-Star guard’s stock plummeted after he refused to be vaccinated. It kept him from signing up for Brooklyn until January. Irving is also prone to injuries, so teams were hesitant to bring him on board because he will be on a one-year loan.

Kyrie Irving becoming a Laker is still “a Lakers desire more than an Irving desire right now,” I’m told.

However, the LA Lakers urgently need to improve. The only way to do that is by trading Russell Westbrook. Acquiring a player with Kyrie Irving’s talent would be a win for LA as Westbrook’s market value is at an all-time low and teams are reluctant to take his $47 million salary.

Meanwhile, the 2027 and 2029 Lakers will have to make first round picks to move Westbrook. However, they were hesitant to do so and struggled to move the league’s former MVP.

NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving and LA Lakers are destined to partner after his tenure ends with the Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving’s time in the Eastern Conference may be over. Given the latest NBA rumours, all indications are that the five-time All-Star will move to the LA Lakers after his stint with the Brooklyn Nets ends.

According to Jovan Buha of The Athletic, that could be this off-season or the next off-season when Irving becomes a free agent.

The 2016 NBA champion has not had much success with the Brooklyn Nets during his three seasons there. He missed most of his debut campaign due to injury. He suffered another injury in the 2021 NBA second round loss to the Bucks, contributing to the team’s early exit.

Meanwhile, Irving was banned for the first two months of last season for his anti-vaccination stance. That affected the chemistry of the team. Despite a prolific return, the Nets were unable to face the Boston Celtics in the first round of the 2022 playoffs and lost the tie 0-4.

Kyrie Irving could make a fresh start with a legendary franchise like the LA Lakers. He would also play for the team that his idol and mentor, the late Kobe Bryant, represented throughout his NBA career. Meanwhile, a reunion with LeBron James and a chance to form a big three with him and Anthony Davis could also be a factor.

The Lakers could be one of the teams with the cap space to acquire a max player, making Irving a legit prospect to LA next season.

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