Italian tennis legend sees similarities between Jannik Sinner and Andre Agassi

Former two-time Grand Semifinalist Corrado Barrazutti sees some similarities between Jannik Sinner and Andre Agassi. Sinner, 20, is widely regarded as one of the most talented and promising players in the world. At the age of 20, Sinner is already a seven-time ATP champion and a top-10 player.

“In his comfort zone, close to the backline, forehand and backhand, he has less room for improvement because he is already among the best in the world,” Barazzutti told Corierre dello Sport, per Il Napolista. “So what can improve is make even fewer mistakes.

Fast hand, very fast feet, very good tennis.” Barazzutti noted that Sinner needs to improve his serve and net play, but revealed that the Italian’s game is a bit like Agassi’s. “Agassi. As a kind of game, not as movement or physical.

Sinner is a player who hits in that comfort zone like I’ve never seen anyone hit before,” Barazzutti explained.

Barazzutti on Sinner’s qualities

“Great determination, but combined with a great work culture. He knows that when he works, he gets the results he wants.

I’ve said it before: Sinner is destined (for success), ”added Barazzutti. Sinner has set high goals for himself because he wants to become Grand Slam champion and reach the top rankings. Barazzutti thinks Sinner definitely has those goals can reach.

“Sinner is a man who has what it takes to become one of the strongest in the world. Not just to become the number one in the world,” Barazzutti added. Last week, Sinner captured his first title of the season after beating Carlos Alcaraz in the Umag final.

After a strong Umag run, Sinner has turned his attention to the American hard court swing. Sinner enjoyed a strong Wimbledon run after reaching the quarterfinals there. Now Sinner’s goal is to prepare well for the US Open and possibly take his first Grand Slam title at Flushing Meadows.

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