Top Non-Conference Games for Teams in the State of Michigan

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This is arguably Michigan’s best collection of NCAA basketball teams since 1998, when Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, Detroit Mercy, Michigan, and Western Michigan competed in the NCAA tournament.

That year, the Spartans as a No. 4 seed reached the Sweet Sixteen before falling to the Tar Heels, the Wolverines as a No. 3 seed lost to UCLA in the second round, Western Michigan as a No. 11 seed upset Clemson in the first round before losing to Stanford in the second round, Detroit Mercy as No. 10 seed upset St. Johns in the first round before falling to Purdue in the second round, and Eastern Michigan as No. 13 seed lost to Michigan State in the first round.

It is very possible that four teams from the state of Michigan could make it to the NCAA tournament next season, as there are a number of talented teams from the state of Michigan this season. It is not without a doubt that one of the five mid-major teams will win some non-conference matches against teams from quadrant one and quadrant two, win their regular season conference title, make it to the conference tournament final and lose, but qualify as a big bid for the tournament. If there is a time for five division one teams from the state of Michigan to make it to the NCAA tournament, then 2023 is the year it can be done. Much needs to be done, but it is a possibility.

Let’s take a look at the top non-conference games we know for the upcoming season for the Michigan state teams. Winning these challenging non-conference matches is critical to helping teams qualify for the 2023 NCAA tournament.

Honorably Mentioned

*Oakland vs. Long Beach State in the Nassau Championship tournament on Nov. 25.

*West Michigan in Rice on Nov. 19.

*Central Michigan at Minnesota TBA.

*West Michigan in Dayton on Nov. 30.

*East Michigan in Bradley on Nov. 15.

*Detroit Mercy at Florida Atlantic TBA.

Top 15 Non-Conference Games

15. Oakland in Syracuse on December 6

Syracuse is undefeated against the Golden Grizzlies as they lead 4-0. They last played in 2019, the Orangemen defeated Oakland that year with a final score of 74-62. The Golden Grizzlies and head coach Greg Kampe are trying to smooth out the problems on the road this year and it will be a difficult but not impossible task to complete.

14. Central Michigan in Michigan on December 30

Since 2002, the Chippewas and Wolverines have played against each other six times, with all games played at Michigan’s home site. Central Michigan has won twice in that span in 2002 and 2007, with Michigan winning four out of six against the Chippewas. The Wolverines have won the last two games these teams have played against each other and they should be tough favorites against Central Michigan when they meet this season. The Chippewas have beaten Michigan twice before, so a disturbance is not out of the question, but it is highly unlikely.

13. West Michigan in the state of Iowa on December 18

This will be the first-ever meeting between these two schools as the Broncos try to calm the unrest in Ames, Iowa. The Cyclones are expected to be a Top 50 team this season and the Broncos are unproven based on last season’s win tally, but Western Michigan has a new head coach and multiple returning starters and can give Iowa State a good run in this one. conference game .

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