Suns Scores High in Athletic’s NBA Power Rankings

The Phoenix Suns have become one of the top teams in basketball over the past two years, thanks to a run to the 2021 NBA Finals and the best regular season in franchise history to follow.

With a talented roster, great home support and fashionable uniforms to match, the Suns are undoubtedly a team that many people love to tune into night in and night out.

Still, we are slowly approaching a new season, and the NBA is not a league that rewards previous success. Phoenix has yet to capitalize and win a title, and it’s now time for the Suns to make up for their potential championship window.

Can the Suns fight again to be the last team standing?

The Athletic thinks so.

In their recent NBA rankings, Phoenix was just one of five teams to make it into the “contenders” category.

Number 1 was the Golden State Warriors, who will make little to no argument about how things are now. At number 2 followed the Boston Celtics, who will once again have little resistance for their position.

That’s where the Suns come in at number 3.

Here’s what Zach Harper offered on Phoenix’s position:

Phoenix Suns ranks #3 in NBA Power Rankings

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