Steve Kerr Reveals First Warriors Starter for NBA 2022-23 Season


As the 2022-23 NBA season is about to kick off, Steve Kerr already knows who is a definitive starter for the Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr
© Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesGolden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr

The NBA season 2022-23 hasn’t started yet, but the Golden State Warriors check all their starters as low season and the Free desk comes to an end. In fact, the Warriors coach Steve Kerr seems determined to win another one NBA championship ring.

Looking back on the Warriors Championship Season, there was one player who played the entire regular season as well as the entire playoffs and the final. This player was in the middle Kevon Looney. In fact, the 26-year-old player started 80 games in the regular season and 13 games in the playoffs.

Therefore, when? James Wiseman’s Return Date was set, questions started rumbling over which player will be the Warriors’ starting center. But as one of the Warriors’ chief leaders, Steve Kerr already revealed the answer to one of the most underrated positions on the field.

Warriors News: Steve Kerr reveals the first Dubs starter for the upcoming season

The Golden State Warriors watched their young star center James Wiseman return to the NBA Summer League. However, the minutes played during this short tournament in Las Vegas were not enough for the four-time NBA champion coach Steve Kerr. As he intends to keep Kevon Looney if the starter in the middle position in front of the upcoming season.

As he recently told Anthony Slater of The Athletic, “Loon is coming back as a starter. We’re all glad he’s back. There was a real fear that we would lose him. Getting him back is huge for our team. It’s good for Loon to continue what he did for us last year. In addition, he is a really good mentor for James.”

While for James Wiseman’s situation, Kerr stated: “We felt we had to get him as much experience as possible. So this seems much more natural, much more organic. Wage is the incumbent, the championship starting point that has seen it all. Then you have James who will learn from him and with him and will get his opportunities as we go. It’s a healthy growth situation for James.”

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