NBA analyst questions Russell Westbrook’s liability

Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook appears to have shifted his focus from basketball as he begins to show more interest in the business side of things. Shannon Sharpe from undisputed shared his thoughts on how Westbrook’s misguided priorities are affecting his basketball career.

After a bad NBA season, you’d think Westbrook would work in the gym to improve his game. However, there are reports that he has invested more in his off-court activities than in his basketball career.

Westbrook, of course, has accomplished a lot during his 13-year NBA career. He has been named Most Valuable Player, selected multiple times as an All-Star and even broke triple-double records. However, he has yet to win a championship.

Since 2017, his team has always been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, except in 2020, when the Houston Rockets managed to get past Chris Paul and Westbrook’s former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Lately, people have been pointing out Westbrook’s lack of responsibility for the Lakers’ disappointing season. So is Shannon Sharpe, who has expressed his frustrations on the Los Angeles Lakers countless times.

When asked which is more important to Russell Westbrook, business or basketball, Sharpe had this to say:

“I felt it showed in his game last year that other things were more important. All I’m saying is I have no problem… Russ is building the biggest empire! Build an empire of 2,3,4,5 billion dollar. I have no problem with that. The only problem I have with Russ is that he refused to take responsibility when he plays badly and when things don’t go well.”

The above excerpt is taken from the 1:40 mark from the interview below:

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The 2022-23 NBA season is a chance for Russell Westbrook to redeem himself

Los Angeles Clippers vs.  Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers

With the trade rumors surrounding Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving slowly dying out, it looks like the Lakers will turn it back on with the former MVP. The Lakers’ attempt to bring point guard Kyrie Irving to LA has so far been unsuccessful.

Westbrook finished with one of his worst shootings last season and has a lot to work on before the 2022-23 season kicks off. But he sometimes showed glimpses of his former self:

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Throughout the season there were sprints from Russell Westbrook which showed that he is still one of the top stars in the league. However, there were more lowlights compilations from the nine-time All-Star than highlights. His turnover hurt the team and his quick reckless style clearly didn’t sit well with most Lakers fans.

The coming season will be an opportunity for Russell Westbrook to earn his wings in Los Angeles.

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