Is the popular paddle sport Pickleball becoming more popular than tennis?

Pickleball may be taking over tennis courts, but the sport won’t paddle past its much older cousin.

Not according to an old local tennis coach and former college player.

The new facility at The Ridge Club in Acton includes nine pickleball courts, which surround a mostly empty tennis court. Many days – and evenings – the sound of volleyed plastic balls is constant, while the softer cacophony of tennis is less often heard.

Kevin Curley has his racket/paddle in both worlds.

The Hudson High School graduate was a high-ranking junior tennis player who took his game to UMass-Amherst for four years. He has coached the Acton-Boxborough boys’ team for 19 years and owns tennis clubs in Westford and Lancaster. Curley also directed Nike Tennis Camps in the summer for nearly twenty years.

He coaches pickleball and tennis at The Ridge and built the pickleball facility there that replaced four tennis courts. But he doesn’t expect pickleball to overshadow tennis’s popularity when it comes to individual players.

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