Hailstones the size of a tennis ball hit cars in Canada

On Tuesday, a massive hailstorm hit Alberta, a western province of Canada. It was reported by CBC News that the hail storm was triggered when a tornado hit the ground near the city of Coronation. Fortunately, despite the sudden storm, no serious injuries requiring hospitalization were reported.

What made Tuesday’s hail storm unique, however, was that it suddenly appeared with hailstones the size of a tennis ball. The intense storm that lasted about 15 to 20 minutes caused a lot of damage to vehicles. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the hail damaged 34 vehicles and caused three collisions.

After the storm subsided, people took to Twitter to post photos and videos of the freak weather incident. Many people shared chilling videos showing the hailstones falling through their car windshields as people inside the vehicle covered their heads with their hands or purses.

One Twitter user shared photos of their damaged car, writing: “I got stuck in the huge hail storm at the bottom of Antler Hill between #resdeer and #Innisfail. Luckily only the car was damaged. Some crazy things to experience . #abstorm”.

Pat Boomer, a weather enthusiast and storm chaser, shared photos of the large hailstones against a measuring device, writing: “A collection of large hailstones from outside by Markerville Aug 1/22 I forgot my caliper so took some home to measure The largest is 75mm and 106g, the smallest 51mm, 51g.After some melting.#abstorm @Albatrossoar @NHP_Reports”.

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