2025 Purdue Basketball Offer Trent Sisley Summarizes His First Visit To West Lafayette

Purdue was the first school to offer Lincoln City (Ind.) Heritage Hills 2025 ahead Trent Sisley last September and the Boilermakers have treated him as a priority ever since.

The 6-foot-7 and 185-pound aspiring sophomore made his first visit to Purdue on Monday and was enjoying his time at West Lafayette.

“It was fun to get on campus and see everything and talk to everyone,” Sisley said of his unofficial visit to Purdue.

This was Sisley’s first halftime visit to the NCAA basketball recruit, and he intentionally made his first visit to Purdue.

“Just because they were closely involved,” Sisley said of why Purdue was his first visit. “They were the first school to offer and I mean they’ve shown a lot of interest so far, so I just wanted to get on campus and show my interest in them.”

And while this was Sisley’s first unofficial visit to Purdue, it was his second trip to West Lafayette this summer. He and his Heritage Hills teammates took part in the Boilermakers team camp last month.

However, according to Sisley, Monday’s visit was much more in-depth compared to the team camp.

“I think it was just more in-depth. When you’re there for the team camp you kind of walk around on your own to figure out where things are and today was just more detailed and with the coaches and stuff,” Sisley said. “When you talk to them, they tell you what’s what and all that.”

What made it a more in-depth visit for Sisley and his family was the opportunity to spend time with Purdue’s coaching staff.

head coach Matt painter and assistant Paul Lusky have been in charge of this recruiting and Sisley enjoyed spending time with them.

“It was good to talk to them and talk to them for a long time, face to face and with them and things like that,” Sisley said.

In addition to talking to the coaching staff, Sisley also got to watch a movie with the coaches and they showed Sisley how to see him fit into the Boilermakers system.

“We watched a movie and they kind of compared me to positions like” Robbie Hummel and Vince Edwards, players like them,” Sisley said of how Purdue’s coaching staff see him in their system. “Shoot a little and do a little bit of everything.”

Monday’s visit also enabled Sisley to learn more about what Purdue has to offer beyond the field he enjoyed.

“It was cool that we got to meet an academic advisor and tour the campus and see where their players are staying and all that stuff was fun to watch too,” Sisley said.

After a visit to Purdue, Sisley was in Bloomington today to visit Indiana and Wednesday he will be in Columbus to visit the state of Ohio. The Southeast Indiana resident also hopes to schedule more visits later this month, but right now the state of Ohio is the last one he has scheduled.

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