Kevin Durant meets with Nets owner Joe Tsai

NBA Rumors: According to a recent report, Kevin Durant will meet with Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai, likely to discuss his future with the team.

In the end, something had to be given.

It’s been over a month since Kevin Durant requested a trade with the Brooklyn Nets. Somehow it seems like we’re no closer to a resolution between Durant and the Nets. Since the news broke, it’s basically sitting there. Since team after team has reportedly been unwilling to give the Nets the godfather offer they want, a Durant trade becomes more unlikely by the second.

And that’s probably one of the reasons Durant is reportedly going to meet Tsai. Obviously nothing has changed and this story is not progressing. Something has to happen, whether it’s Durant putting pressure on a trade or smoothing things out between the two sides.

No matter what Durant’s priority is in this meeting, it can only be good. Either Durant is going to make it clear that he will not be playing for the team this season, which will likely escalate a potential deal, or he is going to talk things over with the owner. That would open the door for him to play with the Nets this season, and possibly more.

This is a conversation that needs to take place and probably should have happened a while ago.

The next few weeks in the Durant saga should be particularly interesting. You can bet Brooklyn wants to keep things quiet if this is a conversation going south. Although, the word will come out somehow.

Could this really be the next shoe to drop this off-season? It could very well be. And frankly, no one seems to know what Durant is going to do.

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